Sailing Club Piran has been in existence for over 15 years. That makes it one of the oldest clubs in Slovenia. What makes us different? Glad you asked! Well, unlike most other sailing clubs that require you to own a boat in order to join, all we require is that you own a desire to sail! Many of our members don't own a boat. While we do have a wide variety of boats in our club, we encourage you to become part of our extended crew for races and social activities. In our club always is crowdy an full of kids saling and playing auround the club.


Sailing school is organised for kids aged 7-14 with little or no sailing experience. This course is taught in Optimist sailing dinghies. Based on age, size and weight, students will either be paired or sail alone. Focus is on introduction to sailing and safety in and around sailboats. School start on 28th June and will run weekly (saturday to saturday) till end of August

In one week students will learn to rig, sail and steer the boat under the control of our sailing instructors. The courses are under the supervision of international coach Milan Morgan.

Did you know the Optimist, is not just a trainer but a challenging racing sailboat in its own right. It is something else too-it's a phenomenon. We could say that the Optimist Dinghy is the most important sailboat in the world. In terms the number of people it introduces to sailing, no other boat comes close to matching the Optimist's impact on the sport. In its overall length, the Optimist is the smallest boat in the Hall of Fame. By another measure, it is the largest: No boat has brought more new sailors into the world than th Optimist Dinghy.




::: MARCH 04-05 Welcome in new regata season with the opening regata 21-st Spring meeting 2107. Regata will be held in Portorož as usual for optimist , 420 and Laser4.7 class.










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