Adress : Fornace 33 Piran 6330 SLOVENIA

Fondation year : 1992 VAT : 96829818

tel/fax : 00386-5-6746919

Web page : www.sailpiran.si

e-mail : info@sailpiran.si

President : Milan Morgan

Where we are : 45'31'08'' N 13'34'07'' E


Sailing Club Piran has been in existence for over 15 years. That makes it one of the oldest clubs in Slovenia. It was formed in 1992 from the Italian minority association Giuseppe Tartini from Piran.


We are still working hard . In past 15 years more than 800 kids past our sailing school and many of them are sailing on top word levels. Milan Morgan as a coach and boat builder gives his best to youg sailors after a 35 year of experience in the matter.


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